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An enemy of your enemy is your friend.

23 February 1987

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Date Created:2005-10-22
Number of Posts: 365

Uncanny_Sage is also known as Leafee LeBeau or Juniper. She has different split personalites, therefore, earning her many names. As Leafee LeBeau, she's a cool and calm person, but cross her and you'd be sorry. Juniper is a quiet and lonely girl who doesn't like to be bothered. Leafee and Juniper are both tree huggers. There have been another personality for Uncanny_Sage, the computer geek psyche. The one that gets too obsessive.
Strengths: Turns into a tree and take over all other trees.
Weaknesses: Always hungry... ALWAYS!!!
Special Skills: Leafee turns into a tree. Juniper IS a tree. And no, Uncanny_Sage isn't Batman... No, stop looking at her like that!.
Weapons: Tree powers. The Batmobile, but Wolverine and Gambit took it... again.
Motto: One, two, kill a few. Three, four, kill them all. Five, six, poke 'em with a stick. Seven, eight, bake a cake. Nine, then, let's do it again.

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